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About DLG

Our Mission

To create a rural middle class of producers and healthy lives for all.

Our Story

When working on women's empowerment for the US State Department in Albania, lightning struck. Now CEO Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti saw how little local widows earned from stoop labor wild-harvesting, and a vision for a better world began.

The vision evolved into our mission-driven, market-driven company with the motto of Do More Good.

DLG Naturals upholds the highest of industry standards as we create jobs for the rural poor. With a focus in Southern African botanical ingredients, we offer new and innovative cosmetic oils to the US and global market, and with continued growth, provide income to thousands.

To ensure quality products, DLG invests in the supply chain: Our own African production facilities, a well-developed cadre of specialists and experts, and an extensive network of wild-harvester. Years of development allows us to deliver world-class botanical oils and butters to your door.

Our Philosophy

Individuals can achieve improved health and well-being through the use of natural and organic products.

We will best accomplish our goals through small farming communities and cooperatives in developing countries, fair trade or fairly traded practices, sustainable agriculture that optimizes existing resources, and production based upon strong manufacturing processes.