DLG Naturals (Duerst Lahti Global, LLC) sources and supplies distinctive indigenous oils, healthy botanical ingredients and pure essential oils for the cosmetic industry. We understand that, to socially conscious buyers, every step on the path to market matters. Our fair trade health and beauty products are from emerging and post-conflict economies. Our knowledge of the ground and close relationship with producers enables reliable sourcing, with attention to customer marketing, to source innovative ingredients.

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Sclerocarya birrea
Marula Oil

With its mild, nutty aroma and light, clear, golden color, Marula oil is one of Southern Africa's finest and most versatile oils.

Marula oil has been used for millennia to enrich, moisturize and revitalize dry skin and hair.

Featured in Elle UK Magazine's Beauty Awards as one of the "best buys that will change your life," Marula oil fortifies and enhances your skin’s natural barrier. It prevents trans-epidermal water loss, while penetrating to heal damaged skin. It absorbs quickly, rinses away easily and is mild enough to use around the eyes. Apply Marula oil to skin, hair or nails for exceptional moisturizing and amazing anti-oxidant support! Additionally, Marula oil has a high oxidative stability- nearly five times that of olive oil- making it suitable for an extended self life.